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Expert of the Week

Each week a child is nominated as Expert of the Week and given a few days to prepare something to share with the class. This can be anything from a few words about their pet hamster or favourite book, to a demonstration of their juggling skills!  We hope you enjoy seeing our mini-experts!

Owl Expert!

Today Isla amazed us all with her fabulous knowledge of owls! She had created a brilliant numbered flap chart and the children were very eager to choose a number so that Isla could lift the flap and tell them her fact. Isla taught us which owl was the smallest species (The Elf Owl), that Owls can turn their heads 270 degrees, that the wingspan of an owl can be the width of a double sofa and so much more! We also loved passing around the terrific pictures that Isla had printed to accompany each of her pieces of information.


Thank you so much for teaching us Isla! We loved learning new things from you. You made a great expert! 

Rodent Expert! 

Swallows Class were very lucky to have 'Rory the Rodent Expert' teaching them today! Rory did a fabulous job of teaching everyone amazing facts about rodents and had the whole class involved and engaged. He started off by seeing how many rodents we knew, helping us to identify a few extras that we hadn't thought of. We then played the game 'Name that Rodent!' where he showed us a selection of slides and the children had to see if they could recognise the rodent in the picture. We learnt which rodent was the largest (Capabaras) and which rodent was the smallest (The Pygmy Jerboa), and also discovered other amazing facts too! Did you know that a rat's teeth can gnaw through a lead sheet? Did you know that rodents can't throw up?


Thank you so much for teaching us Rory! You were a great expert!  

Christmas Traditions Around the World Expert

This week Serena taught us all about Christmas traditions around the world, bringing with her a very impressive map of the world that she had painted herself! Together with her map, she held with her a beautiful book that she had created, filled with pages of Christmas traditions. It was wonderful to discover how in Japan many people eat KFC on Christmas Day and in Ukraine they decorate their Christmas trees with spider webs. The Swallows  loved listening to the traditions and voting for which ones they would like to try themselves. Thank you so much for teaching us Serena! 


Snooker Expert

This week Henry taught Swallows Class all about snooker! To begin with he handed the class a selection of letters, telling them that they needed to put the letters into the correct order to reveal the topic. Henry then asked the children to line up for a lucky dip where the Swallows took turns to pull out questions about snooker. Henry taught us about the history of snooker, the different types of balls that are used, the size of the snooker table and more! Thank you for teaching us about this topic Henry- now we all want to try a game of snooker! 

Space Expert 

Expert of the week is proving hugely successful.

James kicked off with his talk about space and the planets. He delivered his talk with such confidence and all children were enthralled. We were also particularly impressed with the thoughtful questions they asked him. James informed us of planet names and we loved the information on the Milky Way! He had chosen pictures from books at home and brought photocopies of his favourite space pictures to share with us. He reminded the children to put their hands up if they had a question for him and answered questions with carefully chosen words, ensuring we were all better informed on his chosen topic! Well done James!



Tiger Expert!

Ryan did an excellent job of being our very first Expert of the Week in Swallows Class. He had the whole class working as a team to put together a puzzle that revealed the topic he was an expert in- TIGERS! There wasn't a fact he didn't know about tigers and he was even able to compare the length of a tiger to Mrs Scoot's height and the weight of a tiger to Miss Parry's weight. Thanks so much for teaching us Ryan!

Dog Expert!

Isabella wowed Swallows class with her knowledge on dogs today! The class loved solving a dog wordsearch and were very impressed by the enormous board of dog facts and flaps. She presented beautifully and shared lots  of interesting information. The children had great fun guessing the dog breeds and particularly enjoyed seeing Isabella's dogs and learning about puppies. You make a great teacher Isabella!