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Welcome to Robins Class!


Your teachers are Mrs Blasor and Mrs Callow.  You are also taught by Mrs Cornick and Mrs Thomas who are our lovely learning support assistants.


This term our topic is Winter Wonderland.  Can you guess what you might be learning about?  Do you know what the other seasons are called? We can't wait to get started with all the wonderful stories, art, science and geography that this topic covers. We are now able to post photos and video clips on this page so keep checking in to see Robins Class learning in action.   



Winter Wonderland - Autumn Topic 2020

Christmas preparations, Arctic animals, bauble decorating and planting at the allotments!

Another busy week in Robins class! We have been practising our singing for the nativity filming next Monday and we were very excited to try on our costumes and then have a dress rehearsal! We are working very hard in phonics and the children should be very proud of the great progress they have made. The children had a lovely time decorating the class Christmas tree this week and we are now busy making decorations to hang above the fireplace that mysteriously appeared in the classroom! (Thank you Mrs Cornick!) We had an exciting and very animated discussion in class about a big old black key that was ‘found’ in the lane! Wow! What fantastic imaginations these children have as to what the key might unlock! Some of the suggestions included a dungeon, a castle and even a secret garden!


In Literacy Robins rehearsed and wrote sentences about their arctic animals and in the afternoon brought their animals to life in clay. The children used tools to add fur and feather details. We think they look fabulous. Well done Robins! Our carefully decorated baubles are ready to take on a little walk to decorate our village tree. Photos to follow! 


Children and staff would like to say a big THANK YOU to the LCSA. We are very grateful to our green-fingered group of parents, who have given up their time to build and paint beautiful planters which can be used by the whole school. Wednesday afternoon we had great fun planting tulips and daffodils.  There was even extra time to explore the field, with the children using their imaginations to make restaurants out of sticks and leaf mountains.  We can't wait to see our planters come to life in spring! 

Arctic animals, clay models, 2D and 3D shapes and Internet Safety!


This week the Robins had great fun playing basketball in PE. In music they continue to develop their skills following a rhythm in drumming. The Covid friendly singing continues as we practise our Christmas songs and in maths we have been recognising, describing, naming and sorting 2D and 3D shapes. We have been identifying shapes in the environment and creating pictures using 2D and 3D shapes. 


In handwriting and literacy we have been working hard on our letter formation and placing letters correctly on the line. Later in the week we have been sorting non-fiction and fiction texts. We learnt how to spot features of non-fiction texts, for example, labels and contents page and how these help us find information! We were looking at these features to help us in our writing of our own arctic animal information texts. We can't wait to see these published - super fact finding and sorting Robins! 


Robins, if you have any information books at home, you may like to practise showing your family these different features, or just enjoy a non-fiction book for fun! 


To prepare for arctic clay model-making the class worked hard to make diagrams of arctic animals. We all explored clay and different techniques for creating models and those that were ready started to create their animals. Don't worry Robins everyone will get a chance to bring their pictures to life - we can't wait to see your creations! Which techniques will you use to create your paws, wings or ears? Do you need to use a special tool? If you are lucky enough to have playdough at home could you have a practise at making an arctic animal? 


We learnt about internet safety using the story of Smarty the Penguin and the children made posters with messages learnt from the story. If you would like to explore the story further at home here is the link. There is also lots of useful information in the parent's section about staying safe online.  




Odd socks, drumming, continents and story-mapping!

Another busy week in Robins Class - we started the week with ‘Odd Socks Day’ as part of anti-bullying week. Robins took part in lots of fun activities, including designing a pair of odd socks, pairing up odd socks and drawing pictures of their friends. These activities and reading the book ‘Simon Sock’ gave the children an opportunity to express themselves, celebrate their individuality and consider what makes us all unique! The children are continuing to enjoy their drumming lessons and are beginning to demonstrate skills in listening to and following a rhythm.


In geography, we introduced the class to continents. The children had fun moving to the catchy continent song, drawing continents on balloons and taking part in lots of opportunities for open-ended map-drawing. In literacy we have been learning to retell the story 'Lost and Found' through actions using a class story-map. The children worked really hard to draw their own fantastic versions of the story-map and began to use these to retell the story in pairs. In maths we have been learning how to solve subtraction questions using objects like cubes, counters and number lines. We have been introducing the children to lots of new maths language, including ‘find the difference’ and ‘take-away’. We have also started socially distanced singing, learning Christmas carols and songs. They sing so beautifully! Well done Robins! 

A mystery to solve!