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Welcome to Swallows Class!


Your class teacher is Mrs Brown, supported by Mrs Scoot and Mrs Chapman. 




Please see the Summer 1 Topic Map for more information.

The Queen's Handbag, Famous Landmarks, Car Designs and Prototypes!

This week Swallows have been designing their own cars! I have been amazed by the creativity and attention to detail that has gone into these fabulous designs. The children are now working on their non-chronological reports about the car that they have designed (watch this space!) 


In our topic session this week we explored the story 'The Queen's Handbag' by Steve Antony. We followed the Queen's handbag around the UK, identifying key landmarks and which country in the UK they can be found. We later used our geographer skills as we considered which of these famous places were physical features and which were human features. This led to us creating our own versions of the landmarks in the story (check out our pictures below!) 


To finish our week, we had a great time making car prototypes in our DT session as we learnt about different parts of a car including the axels, wheels and the chassis! We loved working as a team with our Robin buddies to carry out this challenge! 

Non-Chronological Explorers, Arrays, Togetherness and Sound Collecting!

This week we have started to explore non-chronological texts, learning about their features and identifying them in a range of books. The Swallows busily worked through a checklist of features, ticking them off as they found them. It was wonderful to see children spotting subheadings, paragraphs, fact boxes and technical vocabulary! All of the children became very immersed in the texts they were exploring, with some noting down their favourite pages and revisiting them in their independent time. 


In Maths this week we used a fun story about one hundred hungry ants to investigate arrays! The children created a range of arrays using pin boards, counters or plastic cups and then identified the repeated addition and multiplication number sentences from these. They had to use their problem solving skills to find a range of multiplication number sentences that all equalled the same answer. 


On Thursday we received a wonderful selection of images from our lovely linking class, Buzzards! It was wonderful to see their pictures and hear about the work that they have been doing. As part of our linking project, this week we worked on the theme of togetherness, discussing what the word 'together' means to us. Swallows came up with some great ideas which you can see in the pictures below. We are now very excited to send our work to the Buzzards so that they can see what we have been up to! 


To finish our week, we went on a sound collecting walk around the school in our Science lesson. The children classified loud and quiet sounds that could be heard around the school, in the playground and on our field. They then investigated the impact taking away the sense of sight had on the sense of hearing, discovering that when we had our eyes covered our hearing was amplified. This led to some very interesting discussions about what it is like for people with visual impairments and how adjustments can be made to enable these individuals to access every day activities. 

A new classroom for the day, captain's logs, oceans and a science investigation! 


On Tuesday Swallows Class had an exciting day learning in the hall as our new windows were put into our classroom. They loved the change and adapted very well as we continued our learning! The children were very excited to hear about our school's linking project and loved watching the video that Miss Thomas from Thornborough Infant School prepared for us. They enjoyed drawing self portraits that we will now share with our linking class 'Buzzards.' 


Over the past two weeks the children have been planning and writing 'Captain's Logs' based on the story 'Ocean Meets Sky' by the Fan Brothers. I was amazed by everyone's choice of descriptive language and their ability to include possessive apostrophes in the correct place after we recently learnt about these. 


Swallows are absolute experts on the 7 continents and have managed to retain this knowledge since the Autumn term! They all remembered exactly where the continents were on the map and recited the continents song that we listened to when we last learnt about them. This week we extended our knowledge to naming the 5 oceans. Of course we used another song (The Five Oceans Song) to help us with this which was equally as popular. By the end of the session lots of children were even able to recall facts about each of the oceans! What fabulous geographers you are Swallows! 


To end our week we carried out a science investigation finding out whether children with bigger feet have bigger hands. After making a prediction the children quickly set to work in their groups, carefully drawing around their hands and feet and measuring them with a ruler.  I observed many fabulous conversations about how they were going to record their findings clearly so that they could investigate their data at the end! 



Welcome Back!

It is so wonderful to welcome back our wonderful Swallows! This half term we will continue our 'SECRET LIFE OF PETS AND GARDENS' topic. This week we have spent lots of time outside searching for signs of spring and having mindfulness time on the playground. We have written poetry about Red Kites and Blue Tits, we have created watercolour paintings of daffodils and we have explored 3D shapes through the context of the story 'Captain Invincible and the Space Shapes'. What a busy and exciting first week back at school! It has been AMAZING to have you all back Swallows- we have missed you! 







Winter Wonderland - Autumn Term 2020

This half term our topic is Winter Wonderland and the inspiration for much of our learning will come from the story of The Nutcracker. Please do visit this page regularly for updates as well as pictures and videos of all that we are doing in school.  We are especially excited to be doing Forest School this half term - it's going to get muddy!

Letters, Weather stations, Internet Safety, Bulbs and Baubles!


This week we learnt about weather symbols and looked at ways we could measure the wind, rainfall and temperature. We worked with a partner to create a weather station tool, with half of the class making a rain gauge and the other half making wind vanes. We are now looking forward to getting outside next week to measure the rainfall and identify the direction the wind is blowing on each day. Our rain gauges are going to be very helpful moving forward as we will be able to use them in other seasons as well so that we can make comparisons!


After carefully planning and developing our ideas, we have now written our letters from Sweetie Land and have included so many fabulous and imaginative ideas. If only our Sweetie Lands existed in real life! 


We had an interesting Computing session where we sorted a selection of websites deciding if they were appropriate for children. The children came up with many thoughtful responses and I was very impressed by their understanding of how to be safe online!  


We have been very fortunate to have two afternoons offsite and around the village this week! Wednesday’s forest school took us to the allotments where we planted bulbs into our beautiful new planters. We are so grateful to the LCSA who have organised, bought and painted these planters for us! On Friday we really enjoyed walking down to the village shop to hang our beautiful baubles on the Christmas Tree. It definitely got us all into the Christmas mood! Well done for another great week Swallows!

World Explorers, Winter Wonderlands, Sweeties, Money and a Manger!


This week the children have been learning about money. Children have been demonstrating their knowledge through a range of practical games including, ‘Coin Snap!’, ‘Coin Bingo!’, ‘Sort the coins’ and ‘Find the value in the colourful eggs!’ We have also used an online ‘Coin Game’ that children may wish to play at home. On Monday Swallows Children became World Explorers as they moved between different areas of the classroom that represented each continent. They found out about the population, the size of the continents and famous landmarks that are located there.


After looking at Miss Parry’s ‘Snow Globe’ collection, the children pretended that they were in a Winter Wonderland, describing what was around them. Together we made a story map of a letter home to Mum, telling her about what we had seen. The children did a brilliant job of including adverbs in their writing! Now Swallows are beginning to plan their own letter home, pretending that they have discovered a land of sweets. The children have created their own versions of this land in their Art lesson as they listened to Tchaikovsky. One of our Swallows had the marvellous idea of looking at some of the pages from their guided reading book 'A Horse Made of Marshmallow' which featured a world made entirely of sweets. Great Work! 


Finally, to end our week we have been re-enacting the Christmas Story, travelling from Nazareth to Bethlehem.  Our imaginations managed to transform the playhouse into a stable and the backdrop of our beautiful field made a marvellous setting for the shepherds to be approached by an angel! 

Rats, Fairies, Continents and Mud! 


This week Swallows Class have enjoyed learning about the continents! They have loved listening to the Continents Song, locating the continents in the atlases and putting together a big map of the world puzzle! After realising that two of the puzzle pieces were missing a few of our children had the marvellous idea to make their own pieces to go in the gaps, drawing on the missing part of the equator and Antarctica- what innovative children we have! (We are now adding a world map puzzle to our Amazon Wish List.)


On Wednesday the children wrote some wonderful character descriptions of a chosen character from ‘The Nutcracker.’ This followed on from last week’s sessions where we re-enacted key scenes of the story. I was blown away by the children’s use of expanded noun phrases. It was also wonderful to see some of the children using their independent time to retell the Nutcracker story in the doll’s house with the small world people and animals.


This week brought with it another brilliant Forest School afternoon which consisted of making little wooden key rings, burying each other in piles of leaves, making stick people, building a ‘cheerleader boat’ and starting up a noodle restaurant! Miss Parry and Mrs Scoot loved the many dishes of noodles that were served up on bark plates. We hope you enjoy seeing some of the pictures of this week's learning!