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Lee Common Church of England School

Collective Worship

Lee Common School is a voluntary controlled Church of England school with a Christian ethos.  We support our children by inspiring them to develop their curiosity and understanding. Just as we nurture seeds and help them grow into strong trees, so we want to nurture our children, helping them to grow strong in body, mind and spirit. We develop respectful and reflective global citizens, with an awareness of the religions, traditions and cultures influencing our multi-cultural society.


A whole school assembly is held each morning and all teaching staff lead assemblies regularly. The local vicar, Rev Chris Haywood also leads assemblies regularly. The children also attend the local church, St John the Baptist, on a regular basis (for Easter, Christmas and Harvest celebrations) as well as for curriculum teaching.


Assemblies cover a wide range of issues, many reflecting and encouraging our school values, others covering relevant issues or topics, including Black History Month, Remembrance and charity events. We learn about the work and lives of good role models from around the world, including those from many different religions. For example, Ghandi, Martin Luther King and Dr Howard Carter. We are currently encouraging our children to lead more of our collective worship.


We follow the Church of England guidance to have collective worship which is inclusive, invitational and inspiring. See document below for more details.