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Lee Common Church of England School


Curriculum Intent


In the Autumn term 2022, we reviewed our curriculum to ensure it is still fit for purpose for our current pupils in light of our changing cohort and the significant changes to the world in which we live, including complex ecological, social and economic challenges.  We recognise our duty to prepare them for the next stage of their education, as well as for the world which they will inherit. As the majority of our children go on to Great Missenden School, we have worked with the staff there and with the other feeder schools to ensure that our children arrive having had a consistent experience with pupils in other feeder schools. Having taken those core elements, we then personalised our curriculum for our own pupils, identifying the knowledge, skills and experiences most valuable to our children here at Lee Common CE School.


We have identified the knowledge, understanding, skills and opportunities within each National Curriculum subject we offer that will enable the children in our care to be valuable and productive members of society. We have considered where each element of the learning takes place in order to build on previous learning and to prepare our children for what is to come. In this way, children's knowledge, understanding and skills build and deepen over time. Our subject pages offer more detail on the progression within each subject.


Curriculum Implementation


At Lee Common CE School we believe that pupils learn best when they are inspired by imaginative and creative activities and learning opportunities. Our philosophy is that learning should be carefully planned with an emphasis on activities that are fun, relevant and stimulating for each child.  We aim to support each individual child's requirements by providing a rich and varied learning environment that allows children to develop their skills and abilities to their full potential and to be motivated and keen to learn.  We provide a nurturing environment for children to learn and to build friendships both within their small class groups and with the rest of the school.  As children progress through the school, they are given increased responsibility in order to develop their confidence and self-esteem so that they are well prepared both academically and socially for their next step on leaving Lee Common CE School at the end of Year 2. 


We emphasize a holistic cross curricular approach to teaching and learning at our school. We have developed a creative, flexible and challenging curriculum for our school which not only incorporates all the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum, but also includes areas of study which we believe will inspire our pupils and has our community and our values at its heart. We plan a cross curricular approach where pupils are able to use skills from one area of the curriculum to advance their learning in another area. In addition, staff will add additional valuable 'cultural capital' to our offer. 


Curriculum Impact


Our new curriculum is still in its early days. However, we monitor its impact in a wide variety of ways to ensure that all our children are making good progress towards the end of year expectations for their year group. We want to know what children know, remember and can do, We therefore assess our children, both in the lessons as part of our everyday practice (through questioning, looking at their work and discussing their learning with them) and periodically through 'summative' tasks or assessments to see what they have learned.


School leaders will also review the impact of the curriculum more widely through their monitoring activities. This will include observations of the children learning, looking at their work, discussing their learning with them and looking at their outcomes. 


Subject Information


The following pages give detailed information about the vision and curriculum for each subject offered at Lee Common CE School. Please do contact the school office if you require any further information.