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Summer Term 2022 - Welcome back wonderful Larks! A very warm welcome to all the new Larks who have just joined us!

Please find below our Summer Term Topic Map - Into the Wild.

06.06.2022 - 2D and 3D shapes, Art Studio Role Play and Sand Castles

This week the children have been exploring the magnetic tiles and talking about what they can see. They have been using a wide range of vocabulary such as 'sides', 'corners', 'straight', 'flat', 'round' to describe the 2D shapes and were encouraged to select shapes for a purpose to build a 3D structure. We had many wonderful homes, sheds and garages built! The newly made art studio role play area is being well used, with the children exploring the loose natural parts and pictures frames to create their own Andy Goldsworthy inspired artwork. Gross motor play is always a huge hit and the children enjoyed making their own obstacle courses and using the buckets of water and thick brushes to 'paint' the fence. The wet sand was also popular and the children used the buckets and spades to create their own sandcastles with dinosaurs! Well done Larks, another amazing week of learning :)

02.05.2022 - Story time, sequencing numbers, campsite role play!

This week the children have enjoyed listening to the story 'Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see? and making their own suggestions about what they can see. Our new Larks have spent time settling in, getting to know each other and exploring the environment. We have been using the interactive whiteboard to practise our skills of recognising and sequencing numbers. The children put a range of numbers in order and talked about which were 'smaller' and 'bigger'. In sensory play, the children have been using scoops, pots and pans and oats to make porridge for goldilocks and the bears. We talked about the size of each scoop and linked in to one of the characters in the story. We have been setting up our new role play area. The children have enjoyed sponge printing to make trees to decorate the campsite! Wow Larks, what a busy week of learning! :)

Spring Term 2022 - Welcome back wonderful Larks and a very warm welcome to all the new Larks who have just joined us!

Please find below our Spring Term Topic Map - Space to Our World.

21.03.2022 - Spring-time fun!

We have been making the most of the lovely sunny weather and spent lots of time playing and learning outdoors. The children have enjoyed painting on the big easel, using the diggers and trucks in the soil tray, the sieves and wheels in the sand and even taking orders and playing with the pasta in our outdoor kitchen. In our topic work, we have been looking for signs of Spring and talking about the things we like about Spring-time. We have loved looking after the ducklings and we even gave them a bath in our classroom! We are also learning to write our name. In maths, we have been ordering numbers, talking about which numbers are smaller/bigger, playing games of picture dominoes and talking about the similarities and differences when matching pictures. The children have also enjoyed making their Mother's Day cards. Well done Larks, another busy week of learning!

07.03.2022 - Science Week

A few new Larks have joined us after half term, so we are all getting to know each other and helping our new friends settle in. This week our Larks have been observing changes in flowers in our outdoor area. We have also been using paint to create our own representation of daffodils for our Spring display.  The children have planted cress seeds and talked about what is needed to help the seeds grow. In maths, we have been exploring 2D shapes and using shapes to make alien pictures.  The children are becoming more confident at talking about the size, colour and shape of circles, triangles, rectangles and squares.  In the sand tray, the children have been using shells, stones and sticks to create flowers.  Well done Larks! What a super week of learning.

September 2021

A Big Welcome To Our Fabulous Larks!

This term our topic is 'Marvellous Me!' Please have a look at the topic map below to find out what adventures we will be going on this term. Let's have lots of fun!

Larks Topic Map Autumn Term 2021

Welcome back Wonderful Larks and a warm welcome to all the new Larks who have joined us!

We have missed your smiling faces in Nursery!


This half term we are learning about people who help us. Our topic title is 'Whose hat is this?' We will be learning about people in the community who help us, we will build emergency vehicles using Duplo and model making materials, make cards and gifts to say 'thank you', look at a day in the life of a postal worker and even set up our own post office role play! Please see the Summer 1 Topic Map for more information.

05.07.21 - Number matching, singing and Commotion in the Ocean

We began our week sharing the story 'Commotion in the Ocean' and then enjoyed playing simple rhyming games. The children have been working well as a group, taking turns and sharing fairly to complete jigsaws and number games. We have continued to practise our class song with accompanying actions.  The children have enjoyed using the bikes and scooters and have really impressed us in their ability to adjust speed and change direction to avoid each other and other obstacles! Well done Larks! Another excellent week of learning.

The children have enjoyed making potions with Mr Doldsworth. They found it magical mixing colours together with paint outside!

the Larks have enjoyed designing starfish to add to our ' Under the Sea' display' Another super week of learning with the Larks.

The fish that could wish. 28.6.21


This week the Larks have listened to 'The fish that could wish'. The children enjoyed listening to the different things he wished for, such as a castle and a car.

The larks have been counting spots on a dice and matching up with the correct number. The Larks decorated their fish using their finger tips dipped in different paint to design the scales. Another good week of learning with the Larks.

21.06.21 - Activity Week

The children have had another busy week in Larks Nursery. They loved yoga in the yurt and were praised for their fabulous manners, great listening skills and ability to follow instructions. Well done Larks! The children also took part in making an obstacle course using crates, tyres, planks and tunnels. They worked well together and listened to each others' ideas. Hopscotch was another fun activity as well as our morning 'wake and shake' and daily mile. 



7.6.21 Half-term news and the seaside shop.

The Larks shared their news about what they have enjoyed doing in the half -term holiday in circle time.

The Larks have enjoyed painting seaside objects to go in the new beach shop such as beach balls, boats, windmills and bucket and spades.

The Larks have been recognising numbers to 10 and beyond and counting out the correct amount of objects.

During yoga the Larks used soft shapes to match up with and to use different movements to move around too.

Another busy week in Larks. Well done, super Learning.

 24.5.21 - Peepo and thank you cards. 


This week the Larks have enjoyed listening to the story of "Peepo". They have chatted to each other about things they might see if they were a baby in the classroom.

The Larks have enjoyed decorating thank you cards with sequins, stars and glitter for their families. The Larks have enjoyed counting claps, jumps and  finding the corresponding numbers.

In Yoga the Larks enjoyed the story "The Whale and the snail" where they balanced a snail picture on their backs. 

The Larks are enjoying practising singing "The May song" to perform to the neighbours and parents of Lee Common School outside.

Photos to be added shortly.

19.05.21 - Dressing up, dominoes and home corner!

Oh how we have missed dressing up! This week the Larks have enjoyed trying on a wide range of dressing up clothes in the home corner. They have helped each other get in and out of the clothes, listened to stories about 'families' and even used their own experiences to act out 'family life'.  We have continued to set up the baby clinic role play and looked at how we change as we grow from a baby, to a toddler, to a child. In maths, we have been counting and recognising spot patterns, which resulted in us playing a game of dominoes with Mr Dodsworth! What fabulous learning this week Larks! Well done smiley

10/05/2021: New Baby Clinic


The Larks have really enjoyed setting up our new role- play area. The children collected the different things such as dolls, bedding, a cot, a buggy, baby clothes and engaged in purposeful play at the " The Baby Clinic" during exploring time . Well done, Larks!

The children have been practising their fine motor skills with the sewing kits and practising writing their names.

The Larks have enjoyed counting and finding the correct number beyond 10. Another busy week of learning with the Larks! Fantastic !

Emergency vehicles and fire engines!


The Larks have enjoyed painting emergency vehicles and they took the time to chose the correct colours. Well done Larks!

In Maths they have been counting out buttons and matching up with the correct numerals to 20.  They have loved playing different maths games which involves counting such as the  " Lady bugs" game and matching pictures when playing dominoes.

In yoga the children had to follow the shaped mats with their hands and feet. The Larks have enjoyed pedalling on the bikes and scooters in the sunshine.

A super week of good learning, well done Larks!

 Please meet Biscuit, Toffee and Nibbles!


We have enjoyed reading the Jolly Postman story this week. We have written postcards to the postman explaining how we help at home. The Larks have loved getting to know the school Guinea Pigs. They are called Biscuit, Toffee and Nibbles. Thank you Mrs Gresswell for letting us have them. The Larks have been measuring sunflowers with unifix cubes and seeing which is the tallest and which is the shortest. In circle time, we have been talking about our friends and what it is we like best about them. Well done Larks, you have worked hard this week!

Welcome to our class page little Larks!   


Your teachers will use this page to keep you informed of all that is happening in our Early years Foundation Stage.   As you know, you share your classrooms with our Wrens Class and your teachers are Mrs Crooks and Mrs Amos.  You are also taught by our Early Years Educators, Mrs Davies and Mr Dodsworth. 


This half term is all about Festivals & Celebrations.  You can find out more on the topic map below.  We will be taking lots of pictures of your learning in action, as well as your work and we will post them here for everyone to enjoy.  

Festivals & Celebrations - Autumn Term 2020

This week the children have enjoyed a whole school Christmas Lunch and a fun Christmas party. The children have been extremely well behaved. We are very proud of them.

We wish you a very Happy Christmas to you and your families.

Wishing you a very Happy 2021!

The week of Christmas


The larks have had a super fun Christmas week, we have done party games, had Christmas dinner and many other Christmas activities

Christmas fun!


We hope you enjoy the Larks singing and dancing in the School production?


The children are getting very excited about Christmas and they are designing their own Christmas cards.

We are asking the children what they have enjoyed learning best this term. It maybe yoga, cooking pizzas, pancakes or playing on the wheeled toys outside during circle time.



 What have we been learning?


This week the Larks have been practising their Christmas song “Star light, star bright” with a magical dance. The children have enjoyed making sparkly headdresses for their performance.

The children are rehearsing speaking in sentences about what they would like from Santa for Christmas. Let’s hope he is listening!


We have an interactive Arctic animals’ snowy scene and the Stable with wooden figures and animals for the children to explore with. They particularly love Baby Jesus!


Please remember the children need to bring/ wear a Christmas jumper next Monday for their Christmas performance.

Healthy mind, healthy body


On Tuesday Larks Class enjoyed their weekly yoga session. They took part in lots of fun activities to focus on their breathing and exercises to develop gross and fine motor control.


The Larks Class have been practising their cutting skills and enjoyed designing their own party food plates. Yummy! They then went on to say initial sounds in words.


They have also been learning and practising new songs, listening to the Nativity story and ordering compare bears according to their size and colour. Well done Larks you have worked hard.

What we learnt this week


This week the children had great fun making pizzas and especially enjoyed eating them.   They ordered pizzas from the menus in our Pizzeria and enjoyed serving their pretend dishes to each other. 

We have been learning about Diwali


This week we have been learning about Diwali and making lanterns to decorate the classroom. We have learnt about why and how Hindus celebrate this festival of light.  The children enjoyed listening to the story Rama and Sita. They were very interested in how Sita dropped jewels so she could leave a trail to be rescued safely.