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Religious Education

Our Vision for Religious Education at Lee Common CE School


“RE is like the Tardis. Despite the small space it occupies in the curriculum, it is huge, encompassing nothing less than humanity’s most searching questions, its deepest hopes, the history of the world’s beliefs and their diverse manifestation in the modern world.”




Lee Common School is a voluntary controlled Church of England school with a Christian ethos.  We support our children by inspiring them to develop their curiosity and understanding. Just as we nurture seeds and help them grow into strong trees, so we want to nurture our children, helping them to grow strong in body, mind and spirit. We develop respectful and reflective global citizens, with an awareness of the religions, traditions and cultures influencing our multi-cultural society.

Religious Education develops our children’s knowledge and understanding of religions presented within our multi-cultural society. Through following the Oxford Diocese Scheme of Work we promote the understanding of what it is to be human. By learning about, and from, religion children can become more open minded, respectful and achieve greater self-awareness. The skills and attitudes developed through RE can make a significant contribution to promoting British Values.


Our inclusive teaching and learning environment demonstrates the many opportunities which we provide for our children, to support their spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development. This is central to everything that we do as a school. We hope that the skills we equip our children with will enable them to go into the world as curious, independent thinkers.