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Summer Term 2022 - Welcome Back Wonderful Wrens.

Please find below our Summer Term Topic Map - Into the Wild.

06.06.2022 - Andy Goldsworthy, 'Odd' and 'Even' Numbers, PSHE

This week we have been looking at the artist Andy Goldsworthy and have been studying his love of using natural materials to create pieces of art. The children have enjoyed exploring a wide range of natural materials in the newly set up art studio role play area, such as, petals, twigs, leaves, shells, stones and fir cones. They created their own wonderful art pieces and went on to label the materials they used. In Maths, we have been learning about 'odd' and 'even' numbers. We used Numicon to identify if the number had a flat top and is 'even' or if it has a sticky out piece and is 'odd'. The children made their own 'odd' and 'even' numbers using a tens frame. They all worked incredibly hard and we are very proud of them! In PSHE we have been naming parts of the body that we can see, talked about what each part does and why it is important. The creative table has been used very well this week with many Wrens making models using 'junk'. Well done Wrens! Another fabulous week of learning :)

02.05.2022 - May Day Parade, Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See?

Wrens have been busy this week listening to the story 'Brown bear, brown bear what do you see?' and making their own books using their ideas. In maths, we have been focusing on numbers beyond 10. The children have enjoyed using ten frames and counters to build numbers. We then went on to write each addition sum; 10+1=11, 10+2=12 etc and introduced 'tens and ones'. Some of the children even identified that addition can be done in any order and the answer is still the same! The children have enjoyed sponge printing to make trees for our campsite role play area. We had a huge treat on Monday, when we watched the Swallows and Robins perform their maypole dance for the May Day celebrations. The children enjoyed taking part in the May Day parade and joining in with the songs. Well done Wrens, another super week of learning! :)

Spring Term 2022 - Welcome Back Wonderful Wrens.

Please find below our Spring Term Topic Map - Space to Our World.

21.03.2022 - Spring-time fun!

We have been making the most of the lovely sunny weather and spent lots of time playing and learning outdoors. The children have enjoyed painting on the big easel, using the diggers and trucks in the soil tray and even taking orders and playing with the pasta in our outdoor kitchen. In our topic work, we have been looking for signs of Spring and using our phonic knowledge to write about the things we like about Spring-time. We have loved looking after the ducklings and we even gave them a bath in our classroom! In maths, we have been practising our skills of subitising using spot patterns, consolidating our understanding of number bonds to 10 using tens frames and counters, and creating patterns using natural materials. The children have also enjoyed making their Mother's Day cards. Well done Wrens, another busy week of learning!

07.03.2022 - Science Week

This week our Wrens have been observing changes in flowers in our outdoor area. They have been commenting on what they can see and even made their own 3D daffodils using egg cartons, lolly sticks and felt tips! We have also been using paint to create our own representation of daffodils for our Spring display and growing cress. In maths, we have been comparing numbers and using dominoes to find 'more' and 'fewer'. The children are becoming more confident at recognising spot patterns on dominoes. In the home corner, the children have really enjoyed exploring the dressing up clothes. This has proved a huge hit! Well done Wrens! What a super week of learning.

September 2021

A Big Welcome To Our Fabulous Wrens!

This term our topic is 'Marvellous Me!' Please have a look at the topic map below to find out about all the wonderful learning that we will be doing this term. Let's have lots of fun!

Autumn Term 2021 Topic Map

Welcome back Wonderful Wrens!

We have missed your smiling faces in the classroom.


This half term we are learning about people who help us. Our topic title is 'Whose hat is this?' We will be learning about people in the community who help us.  We will design, build and label emergency vehicles, write cards and make gifts to say 'thank you'.  We will look at a day in the life of a postal worker and even set up our own post office role play! Please see the Summer 1 Topic Map for more information.


05.07.21 - Commotion in the Ocean and Rhyme Time!

This week the children have enjoyed listening to and joining in with the story 'Commotion in the Ocean'. We have been focusing on rhyme and looking at word families. The children used their creative skills to generate rhyming lists both verbally and written. In maths we have continued to practise counting in 5s and 10s and identified patterns on the 100 grid. We have been learning our new class song and been talking about how we change as we grow. The Wrens have enjoyed making potions with mixing different paints together. They loved finding which two colours were needed to make colours such as purple, pink, and grey.  Another excellent week of learning Wrens. You super stars!

The fish that could wish.28.6.21.


The Wrens have enjoyed the story 'The fish that could wish'. They wrote about what they would wish for  their family if they were going to the seaside. The Wrens have been practising counting in 5's and 10's. They enjoyed being photographed, so let's hope we will see some lovely photographs!

The Wrens enjoyed designing and drawing their own fish and adding scales with their finger tips dipped in paint!

Another fantastic week of Learning! Well done, Wrens!

21.06.21 - Activity Week

Another exciting week of learning in Wrens class. The children showed impeccable manners, great listening skills and determination during yoga in the yurt. They worked incredibly well together as a class to design and build an obstacle course using bricks, planks, tyres and tunnels. During our class game of dominoes the children recognised spot patterns and worked together to take turns and share fairly. Our 'expert of the week' shared his precious collection of gems and crystals. The class enjoyed asking questions to find out more!

 7.6.21 Our news and  The beach shop.

This week the Wrens have chatted about what they did in the half-term holidays. The Wrens have made their own whole class news book.

The Wrens have been Learning doubling and halving in maths. They have painted objects you might see in a beach shop such as ice lollies,

milk shakes, boats and toy crabs.

In circle time ' Change Me' the children found out about different body parts. Another busy week of Learning in the Wrens.

Well done, Wrens.


24.05.21 - May Day parade, Expert of the Week and Number bonds!


This week the Wrens have enjoyed listening to the story 'Peepo'. They went on to make their own books about; dinosaurs, batman, World War 1 and Peepo, to name a few! The Wrens enjoyed practising the 'May Day' song and 'School Song' and performed them beautifully to the local community and parents of Lee Common School during the May Day parade. Well done Wrens!

In maths, the children have been working hard learning number bonds to 5 and 10. They used cakes and cubes to represent their ideas. Our Expert of the Week gave us an exciting talk all about how to look after guinea pigs. Thank you! We have also been making thank you cards and writing messages of thanks to our loved ones. Wow Wrens, another excellent week of learning. Well done! Happy half term everyone :)




19.05.21 - Time, growing up and investigation station!


This week Wrens have been busy exploring our new investigation station. The children have been using the magnifying glasses to look more closely at the mini beasts and reading books to find out further information. A few children have even made their own bug books! In maths, we have been learning about time. and exploring with number bonds. The children have enjoyed ordering familiar events and using the language of time. We have also been talking about how we change as we grow older, watching power points, sharing books, drawing pictures of ourselves and writing about what we can do now we are 4 and 5 years old. Another excellent week of learning Wrens! Well done smiley .



10.05.21 Decorated rock competition and the new Baby Clinic.

This week we have been learning about ambulance nurses and how they look after us. We watched a video which showed what is in a ambulance and what the nurses do. The Children were very enthusiastic and answered questions well.

We set up a "Baby Clinic" linking with this and the children are exploring this new role-play area.

The children designed baby outfits using patterns, flowers and lots of pretty colours. 

The Wrens have been finding about less than amount and exploring why time is important!

A super smile from the winner of the rock competition from the Wrens, a lovely design . Many congratulations !

A very busy week Wrens! Well done, super learning.

03.05.21 Tractor, emergency vehicles and number stories


On Tuesday, Wrens were very excited to visit the tractor that was on the front playground. One of the Year One parents had brought it in for Expert of The Week! The children asked lots of questions and were told how it works and even given a little tour!  In Maths, the children have been learning about 'more' and 'less', using concrete objects and pictures and even made up their own number stories and recorded sums to explain their thinking.  The children have also been learning about emergency vehicles. They have been labelling and writing about fire engines and making models. Photos to follow shortly!

What have we been doing this week?


The Wrens have enjoyed finding out about the different adventures in the story book " The Jolly Postman". The Children enjoyed writing postcards about what jobs they do at home to " The Jolly Postman". The Wrens are getting to know the three Guinea Pigs called Biscuit, Toffee and Nibbles. They enjoyed holding and stroking them. Thank you to Mrs Gresswell for getting them for us! In maths, we have been learning about 'adding one more'. We worked practically at first using the bikes and scooters, then we used cubes to represent our thinking before writing the sums. In circle time, we talked about what makes a good friend and why it is important to include everyone in our play. Well done Wrens you have worked hard this week!



Welcome to Wrens Class!


Mrs Crooks and Mrs Amos are your Class Teachers and you will also be looked after by Mrs Davies and Mr Dodsworth.


This term is all about Festivals and Celebrations!  We are looking forward to learning all about Bonfire Night, Diwali and Christmas.  You will be making cards and decorations and even pizza!  Please see the Autumn 2 Topic Map for more information.   We are also now able to post pictures and video clips of our learning in action, so keep scrolling!


Festivals & Celebrations - Autumn 2020

This week the children have enjoyed a whole school Christmas Lunch and a fun Christmas party. The children have been extremely well behaved. We are very proud of them.

We wish you a very Happy Christmas to you and your families.

Wishing you a very Happy 2021!

Count down to Christmas.


We hope you enjoy the Wrens singing in the School production?

The children are getting very excited about Christmas and they are designing their own Christmas cards.

We are asking the children what they have enjoyed learning best this term. It maybe Forest School, cooking pizzas, pancakes, the woodland walk and picnic, dressing the village Christmas tree or playing on the wheeled toys outside during circle time.



Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!


This week the Wrens have been busy practising the Christmas songs with appropriate actions for “Away in a manager”.

We are writing Christmas lists to Santa so let’s hope their wishes come true.

We are learning about Advent, calendars, the Christmas story and the meaning of Christingles.


We have an interactive Arctic animals’ snowy scene and the Stable with wooden figures and animals for the children to explore.


Please remember the children need to bring/ wear a Christmas jumper next Monday for their Christmas performance.

Party, party, party!


This week Wrens Class have been planning their own party. Whoop whoop! They have loved singing, dancing and using their creative and literacy skills to make and write their own party cards.


The children have enjoyed writing invitations to invite friends to their party, writing party food lists in their Literacy books and using the play dough to make cakes and sandwiches. Yum yum!


We have also been learning about addition and using the associated language; add, plus, makes, equals, total, altogether. The children have been using our pizzeria theme to add ingredients together to find the total. Well done Wrens you have worked hard.

Making pizzas


This week the children have been learning in our Pizzeria.  They have been reading the menus, using the phone and computer to place orders and putting together pretend pizzas with lots of different toppings.  Thank you Mr Dodsworth for cutting out all those mushrooms, olives and peppers!  The children then made real pitta bread pizzas and really enjoyed eating them.  They wrote instructions on how to make their pizza in their literacy books. Bellissimo!

We have been learning about Diwali


This week we have been learning about Diwali and making lanterns to decorate the classroom. We have learnt about why and how Hindus celebrate this festival of light.  The children enjoyed listening to the story of Rama and Sita. They were very interested in how Sita dropped jewels so she could leave a trail to be rescued safely.