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Lest We Forget

On Remembrance Day this year, our Year 2 pupils represented the school and went to lay our wreaths at the village memorial.  They took their duty very seriously and their behaviour was impeccable.  They showed great respect at the memorial, holding a two minute silence and then reading out the poem they had written as a class. Thank you Swallows Class.   


Here is their poem:


We will remember


Carts squelching slowly through the thick mud,

Large booming bombs making loud bangs,

Horses’ hooves clip-clopping to take people to safety.

Terrible smells from rats racing around,

Strong smells of smoke billow everywhere.

Hungry soldiers waiting to stop for food, feeling like it is the end of the world.

They want to go home and they miss their families.

Scared, tired and unsafe everywhere they go,

Kind nurses helping soldiers to heal,

Rifles aiming from down in the trenches, shooting in the distance.

Then there was silence. It was over. Celebrations began.


We will remember.